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Reduction thyroplasty for HIM and HER

The colloquial term “Adam’s apple” says it all – a pronounced larynx is commonly perceived as masculine. This is because, compared to a woman’s larynx, a man’s larynx is often much larger. A pronounced Adam’s apple can be emotionally stressful for both men and women. If you feel your larynx is too big and you suffer from it, we are the right people to talk to. We will be happy to advise you at our reduction thyroplasty practice in Munich – individually and with the necessary sensitivity!

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Reduction thyroplasty for transidentity

External appearance is of great importance for a self-confident demeanour. The area of the face is what we often notice first in interpersonal encounters – and a prominent Adam’s apple is a distinctly masculine feature for many. That’s why a reduction thyroplasty is of great importance for transfeminine people on the way to achieving their desired body and a more feminine appearance. A prominent Adam’s apple is often perceived as disturbing and a reduction is therefore desired.

At our reduction thyroplasty practice in Munich, we take a lot of time for your concerns, advise you professionally and empathetically and offer you treatment at the highest level.

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Reduction thyroplasty – the treatment

The larynx is the connecting piece between the pharynx and the windpipe and has two functions: on the one hand, it closes the entrance to the windpipe when swallowing and protects it from pieces of food; on the other hand, it is an essential part of voice production. In men, the larynx is often more pronounced, as the uppermost tip of the thyroid leaf protrudes further. This is removed during a reduction thyroplasty. Although a reduction thyroplasty itself is a safe procedure, it is important to consider how much cartilage to remove so as not to damage the underlying muscles and vocal cords. As is the case everywhere in aesthetic surgery, it is important to find the right balance – to meet your wishes, but also to preserve your health.